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CR2016 lithium coin cell

Writer:MattSource:Lidea R&D Dept. Date:2015-10-29 14:05

    CR2016,one tpical model of 3.0V lithium coin cell(also known as lithium manganese dioxide coin cell). CR represents international IEC serial number for coin type lithium manganese dioxide battery, 20 represents diameter of this coin battery ; 16 represents the thickness value in millimeter of coin battery . Nominal voltage of CR2016 coin battery is 3.0V, and the nominal capacity is 75mAh. 
    Main features of CR2016 lithium coin cell:high energy density,high voltage,long shelf life and long service life.super slim with thickness only 1.6mm.Mainly used in ,watches,calcultors,car remote controls,LED lights,toys ,etc

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