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LIR2032 lithium ion coin cell

Writer:MattSource:LIDEA R&D Dept. Number of visits: Date:2015-10-29

  LIR2032 lithium ion coin cell ,nominal capacity 40mAh, nominal voltage 3.6V. The maximum discharge current of LIR2032 is @1C 40mA

  The differences between LIR2032 ion coin cell and CR2032 lithium manganese dioxide coin cell are:

 1)LIR2032 is rechargeable with CR2032 is non-rechargable.
 2)Capacity of LIR2032 is 40mAh, while that of CR2032 is 220mAh;
 3)The nominal voltage of LIR2032 is 3.6V, while that of CR2032 is 3.0V;

    For the method of charging and discharging of LIR2032 lithium ion coin cell ,please contact our salesperson or R&D Dept.



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